What is Aura Photo?

Aura photo is a visual image of how we are functioning. The technological process is complicated. The hand-shaped plates are sophisticated sensors. They measure your electromagnetic field, based on the Ayurvedic (acupressure points on the hand) system of meridians.

By the use of the Aura Video Station we may define your aura color and explain its relation with you personality. System measures your bio-data through Biofeedback Sensors. This data is analyzed, processed and correlated with specific emotional-energetic states. Finally, a detailed report, containing your aura, chakra and personality analysis is printed on 20-23 pages, as well as two separately printed photos.

This system explains your Aura colors and their meaning. This will help to better understand yourself and even find your partner, as well as choose your occupation. For those who are searching the life predestination this system may also assist essentially. You will see it with your own eyes who and what you are about. It is going to be your first step to self-perception and self-development.

Do you want to find out who you are? Get your Aura Photo today:

—  find out the color of your aura;
—  find out what your color means;
—  get your personalized aura analysis;
—  it's quick and easy.

Health - Everybody strives for it; however, only a few of us are aware of how to reach and keep it. Knowledge of your energetic centres or chakras helps to understand how to work with your body, balance your internal energy,and acquire health.

Aura Photo Video Station

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