Artist Elena Kostyukova (Olen)

Elena Kostyukova was born in a small Russian town. Her childhood was spent in the picturesque Northern Caucasus against a background of wonderful folk songs and fairytales.

The beautiful colors of bright southern day and magic night’s tints inspired her extraordinary creative imagination. Elena became fond of painting at a very early age. Her works attract general interest by their unusual subjects and manner.

As time passed, the new wonderful remarkable country, new life, new soul notes called for the realization of accumulated ideas, striving outward. Elena muses on her place in this life, looking for her own via books and philosophical doctrines of ancient China, Japan, and India. She is attracted by oriental medicine technique, working not only on her body, but her soul as well. All these help Elena to develop and to acquire new creative ideas.

The greatest result comes to those who search and act. Elena is constantly improving herself. Her creative inspiration is realized in uncommon pictures having love as the main topic. Her subjects appear simple at first glance; but the painter puts so much sense and meaning into them! Her works are filled by warmth and happiness.

May this clean energy of life and love be with you!

Maria B.

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