The aura given out by a person or object
is as much a part of them as their flesh.
-Lucian Freud

Aura (8) is a luminous radiation surrounding an individual, usually consisting of one or sometimes several different colors. It's generated by the spinning of smaller vortices of energy located within the body and called chakras (1-7).

The auric field colors are very specifically related to the chakras. As a chakra spins, it produces its ownelectromagnetic field, which combines with the fields generated by the other chakras to produce theauric field. The amount of the energy produced by the particular chakra (or group of chakras) determines the color what dominates the auric field. Each individual aura and chakras colors are totally unique. The Aura holds the memories of our past experience, which can act as karmic ties and hold us back. The Aura also offers us a secure space, which can extend for up to 2.75 m (9ft) beyond the physical body.